Undergraduate bursaries are designed to provide support to UK students in financial need, whose parent or spouse is a commercial traveller, grocer or chemist, and who are registered on a full-time undergraduate degree course at a recognised UK university. The information in this section explains more about eligibility, and the terms we use.

Eligible students

Applicants should normally be resident in the United Kingdom and be the son or daughter, spouse, widow or widower of a commercial traveller, chemist, or grocer.

Eligible courses

Any full-time first degree course at a higher or further education institution in the UK is eligible. By  ‘higher or further education institution’, we mean either a body recognised by the Secretary of State for Education and Employment for the award of a degree, or a body providing courses in preparation for a degree to be granted by a recognised body.

Eligible costs

You can apply for assistance with any reasonable costs associated with study, including: tuition and examination fees, travel costs, study materials and accommodation.

Financial need

We want our undergraduate bursaries to make a difference – so we ask applicants to give some information about their financial situation, and how a bursary would assist them at university, for example, by making it possible to live away from home, to better equip them for study, or by giving them the chance to pursue activities that would otherwise be too expensive.

Eligible occupations

To be eligible to apply for an undergraduate bursary, applicants must have a parent or spouse who:

  • has worked in the UK as a grocer, chemist or commercial traveller for at least five years; and
  • is currently working in one of these occupations, or has retired within the last ten years.

What we mean by ‘commercial traveller’

A commercial traveller is:

  • the representative, agent or principal;
  • of any UK firm of manufacturers, industrial or commercial firm or company, or wholesale dealers selling to industry or commerce, but not direct to the public;
  • who has travelled for five consecutive years and for a total of at least six months in each of those years, for the purposes of securing orders and/or promoting business.

What we mean by ‘chemist’

A chemist is someone who is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council, who sells or dispenses medicines direct to the public.

What we mean by ‘grocer’

A grocer is someone who owns or works in an independent UK business that sells a wide range of both food supplies and non-edible articles for household use. People who own or work for one of the major retailers (including the main supermarket chains) are not covered by this definition, and are not eligible to apply.