Grants for undergraduate study

We award bursaries of up to £3,000 a year for UK university students, who are in financial need and have a parent or spouse that is employed as a commercial traveller, pharmacist or grocer. 

How much can you apply for?

The most that you can apply for is £3,000 a year. However, the amount that you receive depends on your financial need and the total amount of funding we have available to distribute each year.

What can you use an undergraduate grant for?

You can use the grant for any reasonable costs connected with going to university, including tuition fees, accommodation costs, living expenses, or equipment to help you study.

Who can apply? – Eligibility

To be eligible to apply, you need to be:
  • a resident of the United Kingdom;
  • studying for a full-time undergraduate degree at a recognised UK university;
  • the child, spouse, widow or widower of a commercial traveller, pharmacist or grocer; and
  • in ‘financial need’.
Before applying, you should check that you are eligible by reading our detailed guidance on eligibility.

Are bursaries paid directly to applicants?

No – if your application is successful, your university will receive the bursary on your behalf, and pass the money on to you.


You can apply for a bursary for each year of your degree course, or for the remaining years if you first apply part-way through your course. Unfortunately, we can’t offer grants for previous years of study that you have already completed. 

Do you need to re-apply each year?

No, we expect to continue awarding you a grant for as long as your undergraduate degree continues, provided that:
  • you continue to study full-time, at the same university, on the same course;
  • your university confirms that your academic performance is satisfactory each year;
  • you progress on to the next year of your course when expected;
  • there is no significant change in your financial situation.
Your university is responsible for sending us this information in a yearly report.

Making an application – Application procedure

To apply, you need to fill in the online application form.
There are two deadlines for applications: 1 March and 15 October.