Postgraduate bursaries

A UK university must be responsible for the administration and disbursement of the funding and also for liaising with the Trust.

Information and the terms and conditions regarding the scheme are set out in the Eligibility section.


The maximum value of any bursary is £5,000 per year. This amount may be adjusted according to the applicant’s personal financial need and to the amount of funds available.


Bursaries will generally be awarded for either the whole of a postgraduate course or its remaining duration. They will not generally be awarded for periods prior to this.

The continuation of bursary payments is conditional on the student continuing their full-time registration, their satisfactory academic performance and there being no material change of their financial circumstances.

Administration of funds awarded

Bursaries will be paid to the university rather than directly to the student. This payment will be made after the receipt of an invoice or a letter requesting the funds. This document should indicate the student’s name and period of each claim. Any unspent funds should be returned if a student fails to complete their course or the host institution decides to terminate the course for any reason.


The host institution should submit a brief report by the beginning of September following the end of the academic year. This report should state that the academic progress of the student has been satisfactory, that the student’s financial situation has remained unchanged and that the host institution will continue to administer the award and keep the Trust informed of any relevant changes.